The church of Kimisis Yperagias Theotokou (Gira)

The church of Kimisis Yperagias Theotokou in Gira (The Assumption of the Virgin), is located at the narrow lane of land which is close to the northwest side of Lefkada’s lagoon. Its single spaced with a large semi circular arch. Its single spaced with a large semi circular arch. The first temple belonged to ancestors […]

Sfakiotes Public Library “THE HOLLY FATHERS”

The Sfakiotes Public Library “THE HOLLY FATHERS” is housed in a specially modified building in the village of Spanochori. It possesses 3.500 books and operates as a lending library and as a reading facility.Phone 2645061611 2645061611

Public Library

The public library was founded in 1953. It is housed in a traditional lefkadite mansion with a garden – the Zoulinos house – on the west side of the old city. It possesses a large number of books and printed matter, while housing the richest collection of post Byzantine icons of Eptanese technique, by painters […]

Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodomos

The small monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodomos is located at a pebbled beach on the west of Meganissi. This monastery does not have to show great wall paintings or architecture style, but it is full of historic memories. The tradition says that it was founded before 1477, without any evidence. It is said that was […]

Monastery of Agios Nikolaos

3 Km east from Nikoli. In the past, it had been the catholicon of a small monastery which was built, according to testimonials, in 1651. Its only entrance is located on the south side of the church and on its lintel has a carved cross with an epigraphy. The ruins, all around, confirm the existence […]

Monastery of Agios Kirikos in Athani

It was founded during the Turkish domination. Small and restricted, became a property of the Monastery of Archangel Asomatos of Vafkeri, in the 18th century. It collapsed from the earthquakes and rebuilt. The Orea Pili (Beautiful gate, the middle from the 3 gates of the sacrum) of its catholicon irepresents Christ, one of the oldest, […]

Monastery of Agios Georgios in Marantochori

It was founded at the end of the 16th century or at the beginning of 17th century, the latest until 1620. The monastery was small but rich with many fields. In 1922, according to local’s testimonies, the church became an isolation place for people infected from variola. After the epidemic, they were hammering and whitewashing […]

Monastery of Agios Ioannis (Rodaki)

Is located 5 km south from the village of Vournika, to the place of Rodaki, over the bay of Vasiliki and considered as one of the most interesting monasteries of the island. It was probably built in 1654, over the foundations of an ancient Doric temple of Dimitra, goddess of agriculture and fertility. According to […]

Monastery of Profitis Elias

Is located at Spanochori, and according to old documents, it had been granted crumbling from the Venetian government to the priest Venetio Vonasieri, who rebuilt it. In 1815 had been devolved to the government. It was renovated recently and is now, open to the public.

Monastery of the Evangelistria’s Red Church

The historic monastery of the Evangelistria’s Red Church is located at Platistoma. The first small temple was founded by 2 monks in 1478 and was built with crude stones and local red mortar, from where it was named of. The monastery was built later, during the 16th century, promoted as a religious center with unique […]