The historic monastery of the Evangelistria’s Red Church is located at Platistoma. The first small temple was founded by 2 monks in 1478 and was built with crude stones and local red mortar, from where it was named of. The monastery was built later, during the 16th century, promoted as a religious center with unique fame and wealth.

In recent years the church and the iconstasis have been repaired. The older despotic icons are great works of the Cretan Michael Gen, dated since 1723 and today are exhibited in the Collection of Post Byzantine Icons of Heptanisian Art, to the Public Library of Lefkada. These are: “The Annunciation”, “The Mistress of Angels”, “The Christ King of the Kings” and the “Agios Ioannis Prodromos”. The wooden cut iconostasis is magnificent with 5 fantastic well preserved icons. The Red Church is one of the most significant Christian monuments of Lefkada.