Church of Aghios Donatos

The church of Aghios Donatos, up to the village of Egklouvis, in an altitude of 900 meters, was first dedicated to Agios Dometios. The locals, influenced from the homonym place after its renovation, dedicated it in the memory of Agios Donatos, who was the Bishop of Lefkada in 284 a.c. It is said that he […]

Aghia Paraskevi

Aghia Paraskevi is, among others, a very important church of Karya. It is a well preserved church since the beginning of 19th century. Its magnificent woodcut iconostasis, a fine work of P. Prosalentis in a simple baroque order, was created in 1850. The icon of Aghias Paraskevis was made from G. Patsaras composing a beautiful […]

Aghios Spiridonas

Aghios Spiridonas, one of the most interesting churches in Karya. It is located at the center of the village and was built at the end of 19th century. It has a nice, high church tower with a clock. Its classical iconostasis is a work of Ioannis Vrettos, made in 1925.

Church of Aghios Stefanos

The church of Aghios Stefanos in Exanthia is old and damaged by the time, which has been restored. It iconostasis was made in 1850.

Church of Panagias Episkopis

The church of Panagias Episkopis in Spanochori is dedicated to the Genesis of Virgin Mary. Its iconstasis is a work of Panos Prosalentis, made in 1858, in white and simple classic line.

Church of Taxiarches

The church of Taxiarches in Spanochori, built during the 18th century. Its magnificent hagiographies are the work of Spiros Gazis, dated in 1886.

Church of Aghios Nikolaos

The church of Aghios Nikolaos in Kavalos, is one of the oldest of the area. It was first built in 17th century. Its icons are works of Spiros Gazis created in the period of 1876 until 1883. Its iconostasis, of a baroque order, is one of the most beautiful of Lefkada, work of P. Prosalentis.

Church of Aghios Spiridonas

The church of Aghios Spiridonas in Lazarata, was first built around 18th century. Its iconstasis is in baroque order in white and gold color with thin pillars of Corinthian order. The icon of Archangel Michael, at the offertory’s door, belongs to the famous hagiographer V. Sideris dated in 1894. The church tower is high and […]

The chapel of Pantokratoras

Important Christian monument, located 1 km northeast of Kavalos village, with its bell hanging on a huge oak in the front of the church’s yard. At the door, there are windows from ancient Greek temples. Many traditional church towers decorate the churches of Sfakiotes. Some of the most beautiful are: Aghios Dionissios and Aghios Spiridonas […]

Aghios Ioannis of Antzousi

The small church of Aghios Ioannis of Antzousi is located, almost inside a rock at the edge of Gira’s beach, at the spot where the coast becomes higher. According to tradition, there had been the shrine, where Apostle Pavlos, in his road to Rome, prayed. It is one of the eldest churches of the island. […]