The small monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodomos is located at a pebbled beach on the west of Meganissi. This monastery does not have to show great wall paintings or architecture style, but it is full of historic memories. The tradition says that it was founded before 1477, without any evidence. It is said that was destroyed by Pirates who threw the icon of the saint in the sea, which was drawn out by a fisherman.

In 1800, the monk Ioannis Patrikis coming from a rich family and very well known to Ithaka and Meganissi, sent a nun to rebuilt it. It is said that this nun, with her Meganissian assistant Vasillis Politis, was begging in order to fulfill her goal and managed to visit the Tsar of Russia, in order to collect the necessary amount. In the end it succeeded.

The monastery was rebuilt and the nun lived there until her death. Her grave is located between the foundation of the old and new wall of the sacrum.