Is located 5 km south from the village of Vournika, to the place of Rodaki, over the bay of Vasiliki and considered as one of the most interesting monasteries of the island. It was probably built in 1654, over the foundations of an ancient Doric temple of Dimitra, goddess of agriculture and fertility. According to the superstition, if a childless couple prays in the church and steps on the entrance’s doorstep, will have a child.

The ruins of an ancient temple like the Doric capitals and a part of the paved ground are still preserved. Around the end of 18th century, the monastery was devolved to the government and in 1797 had been granted to the Monastery of Asomatos in Vafkeri. The main church which is well preserved, inside a large surrounding, was extended many times. The cells of the monks were increased together with auxiliary spaces.

Fragments of wall painting to the east wall of catholicon are also well preserved with exceptional technique. On the edge of the sanctum you can admire the imposing figure of Platitera. On the offertory, Akra Tapinosi and the protomartyrs Stefanos and Agios Romanos are represented. Despite the damage of representations, its artistry is strongly appeared.