Located in the end of the plain of Karya, in a idyllic hill side, well known to locals as the “Agios Ioannis sto livadi (plain)”. It was founded in 1906 and for a period of 3 centuries played an important part to the economic and spiritual life of the island. At the beginning of the 19th century, the monastery of Agios Ioannis had been the richest and the largest in Lefkada, while already since the 18th century, the monastery of Hodeghetrias and 15 other churches of the island became its property. To its catholicon, according to tradition, the famous armatolos Simos Bouas or Grivas was buried. Today’church is more recent, single spaced, wooden roofed with a place set apart for women. It has divine wall paintings, which are dated during 1736 to 1753. To the north wall, wall paintings are preserved in 3 zones. On the first zone you can find the whole body figures of saints, on the middle you can find busts of saints and on the top one, large many faced figures, ruined from time. To the west you can see Agios Konstantinos, Agia Eleni and Archangel Michael. Next to the catholicon of the monastery, inside the wild vegetation, there is a crumbling chapel of Agios Nikolaos.