The Monastery of Agios Georgios in the forest of Skaros, after Klimvata in the area of Alexandros is a fine place with a divine view to the northwest of the island. According testimonies and documents, was founded in 1911 and is one of the most significant historic monuments of Lefkada. The monastery had been flourishing during the Turkish domination, when the forest of Skaros became its property. In 1727, the monastery had 8 farms, had been cultivating 708 sq.m and breeding 900 sheep and goats. The church of the monastery was extended in 1709. To its interior, to the east wall which remains untouched, remarkable hagiographies are preserved. Its interesting iconostasis was created in 1724 which is a copy of the iconostasis of the church of Aghios Minas in the town of Lefkada.