In the valley of Nydri, the area which reaches the feet of Skaros Mountain to Magemenos place of Nikiana has been declared an archaeological place. It consists of the tombs of Pro Hellenic period at Steno’s place, case shaped and tile roofed graves and construction ruins in the area of Nydri Valley to the feet of Skaros and Amali’s mountains and in the areas of Paliokatounas, Koloni and the settlement of Perigiali. Also, to the top of Poros village, the ruins of a tower are preserved, which had been possibly a farmhouse, together with the ruins of an ancient oil press, dated around 4th century b.c.

These ruins were discovered during the excavations of the famous archaeologist Wilhelm Dorpfeld. The German archaelogist Wilhelm Dorpfeld proposed the theory that the island of Nydri, off the southeast coast of Lefkada was the real historical Ithaca, home of Odysseus. He adored Lefkada and his wish was to be buried here. His tomb is located at the edge of the hill of Vlichos peninsula, over the scenic church of Aghias Kiriakis.