The area of the municipality had been inhabited at the very early days, as it is proved from some limited findings of Paleolithic and Neolithic period (3.500 bc). Which were discovered from the excavations of Dorpfeld in the “pigcave” of Evgiros and exhibited on the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada.

In the valley of Vassiliki, the Archaelogical Service has discoverd ancient archaeological ruins (ruins of towers) belong probably, to an ancient town and to the places of Marmara, Pyrgi, Klismatia, Marantochori.

To the Cape of Doukato or Lefkata are located, construction ruins and architectural parts Apollon Lefkata’s temple. This sanctuary was widely famous in the ancient world. Every year, pan Hellenic festivals have been taking place to the honor of Apollon, who was the protector of the marines and the doctor of body and soul. For this reason, ancients believed that, if you jump off the rocks, your soul would get free from the weight of passions and sins. In this place, the female poet Sappho allegedly leapt to her death from the 30 meters high cliffs.