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Festivals of Speech and Art

The festivals of Speech and Art have been first organised in 1955. The planning, organisation and the performance are developed by the Cultural Centre of Lefkada. The programme includes all forms of art. All the performances have been taking place in the summer time. Together with the Athens Festival is one of the oldest cultural institutions of Greece. 

During these years, many well known foreign musical groups and chorus, composers, solists and bands have been performing. In August of 1964, the great Maria Kallas sang and amazed everyone. 

Maria Kallas
Κallas & Onasis

In theatre, the most well known Greek and foreign companies have been performing. In literature and speech, many well known poets, lyrics, novelist, critics of art, scientists, researchers have been participating.

In dance, many Greek and foreign groups have presented their work. New millennium, met the “Festivals of Speech and art” in its 50th year of life. A very long progress with a cultural action and the highest service of spiritual quality.

Institution of “Festivals of Speech and Art” had been an influence that gave a wide recognition to the island, placing it as one of first cultural chapters of Greece.

Today, at the beginning of the new millennium, we aim at the continuous upgrade of the festivals and seek of alternative ways to constitute a solid and modern infrastructure.

The Festivals of Speech and Art are a well know, established cultural institution and a creative basis of cultural offer.

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