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International Folklor Festival

International Folklore Festival has been organising for 45 years. It’s an institution that promotes, since its foundation in 1952 from Antonis Tzevelekis until nowdays, the idea of peace, friendship, fraternity and solidarity of the people worldwide, with folklore forms of art, dance and music. This is achieved with the rich tradition and the recognised folklore codes of expression and communication.
International Folklore Festival of Lefkada is the most ancient cultural constitution of our country, in dance and music of the traditional heritage worldwide with Pan Hellenic and international recognition.

From the language of fantasy and creativity, people of the world meet for 45 continuous years, in August, in Lefkada exchanging their precious heritage: The creations of spiritual and artistic expressions according to their tradition. In order to continue, and from the language of creation and cooperation, do have the right to be different.

Art softens the political, economical and cultural differences. The Festival takes place on the last week of August (from a Sunday to Sunday), starting with a huge parade of peace and friendship, the evening opening celebration (1st Sunday) with the few minutes presentation of the groups, their formal presentation, during week and the magnificent ending ceremony, the exchanges of gifts and the dance of peace. 


For the last 4 decades, in Folklore Festival have participated hundreds of groups from all over Europe and Greece. We could mention thousands of foreign and local artists: dancers, musicians, singers etc. 


Volunteer work:
For the procedure of organisation hundreds of young people from the town of Lefkada, 15-18 years old participate as interpreters, escorts, guides. 

Festival’s areas:
1962-1982: Main Square
1983-1989: Marka’s square
1989-1998: Castle of Agias Mavras in Lefkada
1999-2002: West Coast - Cultural Centre
2002-up to date - to the courtyard of the Primary School of Lefkada

Festival’s organisers (1962- up to date)
1962-1965’s commission - Association of Lefkaditians, Orpheous of Lefkada, Municipality of Lefkada, eminent people of Lefkada.
Person in charge: Antonis Tzevelekis
1966-1967 Hellenic Organisation of Tourism
1968-1973 Municipality of Lefkada
Person in charge for the programme: Giannis Athiniotis
1974 It didn’t take place because of Cyprus incidents
1975-1978 Municipality of Lefkada
Person in charge: Antonis Tzevelekis
1979- up to date Cultural Centre of Lefkada’s Municipality

Cultural Centre of Lefkada’s Municipality
1, Aggelou Sikelianou & Nikou Svoronou, 31100 Lefkada
Tel no: 2645026635, 26711, Fax 2645026715