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Municipality of Karya


Mountainous and beautiful, Municipality of Karya, bursts with dark green of nature that hospitable inhabitants cared of and preserved. Municipality of Karya, consists of 3 villages: Karya, Englouvi and Pigadisanous.

Karya has marvelous traditional stone houses, wonderful narrow streets and unique squares with perennial planes, where you can enjoy drinking your coffee or ouzo.

Karya’s inhabitants are kind, polite and hospital. The women wearing traditional costumes excite the visitor for shooting some photos. Its distance from the town of Lefkada is 14 km and 7 km from the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada and Greece. A magnificent ride for the visitor…

Karya, the seat of the homonym municipality, is the largest village of Lefkada. Karsanika needleworks are famous worldwide, perfectly needled by the village’s women. Rich in tradition has preserved many traditional customs, organizing the festival of the Traditional Wedding, every August.

The visitor can taste Englouvi’s lentils and be astonished by the tableland of Aghios Donatos, the well known Voltous, stone domed constructions of Englouvi used as farmhouses, where the inhabitants lived in the summertime. 

Municipality of Karya: 26453 61200 
31080, Karya