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Municipality of Ellomenos


Municipality of Ellomenos consists of 9 Communities (Nydri, Vafkeri, Vlichos, Katochori, Neochori, Platistoma, Poros, Fterno, Charadiatika).

The seat of Ellomenos is the community of Nydri, an area with rich vegetation and magical sceneries, full of divine bays, clean beaches, magnificent coastal, mountainous and semi mountainous fields and scenic small villages. Nydri is the most developed tourist summer resort of Lefkada’s Perfecture.

Every summer is full of tourist enjoying the excellent organized hotels, rooms to rent, restaurants, clubs, water sports, along with the unique view of Vlichos bay and its surroundings. In its front, islands in different sizes lie all over…

Madouri of Valaoritis family, the Skorpios and Sparti of Onassis, Skorpidi, Meganissi and the peninsula of Aghias Kiriakis, where the German Homerist archaeologist Wilhelm Dorpfeld proposed the theory that the island Nidri, off the southest coast of Lefkada was the real historical Ithaka, home of Odysseus.

You should visit the magnificent canyon of Dimosari with the spectacular waterfalls, the Red Church in Platistoma and the Monastery of Archangel Asomatos Michael.. You will enjoy swimming in Mikros Gialos of Poros and in Desimi. 

Municipality of Ellomenos: 26453 61100 
31100, Nidri