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Vassiliki Medical Center

Phone: 2645031065, 31066
Fax: 2645031067

Medical Centre Purposes

  1. Providing first rate medical care to all individuals permanently residing in the area or not.
  2. To nurse and observe all patients who are in recovery, or have left the hospital.
  3. To provide first aid in cases of emergency or until the patient is moved to hospital.
  4. To transport the patients to a medical centre or other medical unit in an ambulance or any other means of transportation in case of emergency.
  5. To provide dental care.
  6. To practice preventive medicine and provide dental or other health treatment to all individuals residing on the island.
  7. Research on epidemics and social medicine.
  8. The medicine of work.
  9. To provide services in school hygiene.
  10. To provide information on family planning.
  11. To educate and train doctors and medical personnel.
  12. To provide social care services.
  13. To provide with medicine the holders if a pharmacy does not operate in the area.
    Based on the specific framework, the Vassiliki medical centre and 10 more peripheral clinics were comprised. The clinics and laboratories operating are listed below:


Medical Centre  Clinics Laboratories
Vassiliki Pathological Radio diagnostic
  Dental Microbiological
  Pediatric and orthopedic tests are made by visiting specialists.